Everyone has potential. Yours could be designing the next fighter jet, or selling a submarine to a customer, or it could be sharing radar technology with stakeholders in a country far away from home. But whatever your potential, we can take it further.

At Saab, you’ll find an innovative and collaborative environment where you can expand your thinking, push your boundaries and develop the capabilities that give you an edge. Join us and your career will take its own path, encouraged by people with different views, inspired by extraordinary products and driven by the expertise that makes us a world-class team.

Our mission is to keep people and society safe in a world that’s increasingly complex and unpredictable. That’s why we want you to explore your potential and find your edge with Saab.

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Belong with purpose – Explore your potential

Talent specialist and former graduates and will give you a taste of what it’s like to be a part of the graduate team at Saab. How do you want to explore your potential?


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Om traineeprogrammet


The 14 months long programme is an excellent opportunity for a recent graduate to gain a large network, a holistic view of the company, the job and self leadership. You will be a part of a network with graduates from different disciplines and therefore your programme will be uniquely designed for you and your job. The program is an extended and in-depth introduction to the company, the job and self leadership.

From day one, you will be appointed to a position with permanent employment at one of Saab’s sites worldwide. Your development will be aligned with Saab’s business goals and the programme will enable you to contribute to our business and take part in actual projects and on the job training for your position.


For us, leadership starts with leading yourself. We are a team and to achieve your every day work you need to collaborate and lead your tasks and other people all the time. Leadership at Saab is not restricted to management and includes technical leaders, project managers, change leaders, functional leaders and many more. For the programme the educational background we look for differs from year to year. Historically, we have recruited graduates into the fields of Engineering, Information Technology, Business Management, Marketing and Finance, Purchasing etc.

Being a graduate is a promise of a clear belonging and an opportunity to explore your potential. In your life long development journey you will have the perfect start!

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Engineering, Finance, Data/IT, Law


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