We have been electrifying industries, powering homes and transforming life through innovation and collaboration for more than 100 years. Empowered by our goal, we are determined to enable fossil free living within one generation. To succeed we, as one of Europe's leading energy companies, must be fossil-free ourselves.

But that’s not enough.That’s why we are looking beyond our own industry, to see where we can really make a difference. Join us in our journey towards a fossil-free life within one generation.

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Vattenfall International Traineeprogram

Lär dig mer om vårt Internationella Traineeprogram, på vårt seminarium får du svar på alla frågor du kan tänkas ha angående programmet. 

Om traineeprogrammet

The program starts in September every year. Each trainee position is linked to a department within a business area and a location. Therefore, each position has its own specific responsibilities and challenges. You will work with your colleagues at a local and international level on a daily basis.

During the assignments you will get to know other business areas within Vattenfall, both national and international. Since your development is important to us, you will choose these assignments yourself. After the program you’ll be well prepared for a future career at Vattenfall.

During the course of the trainee programme we will offer you the support you need, because we are passionate about sharing as much knowledge as we can. A line manager and former trainees will be there to assist you on an individual basis. They will help you identify your superpowers and guide you so you can prepare yourself for your international career. Your personal growth is a key part of the trainee programme.

Alongside the trainee programme you will take part in international workshops during the seminar weeks. During these weeks the focus will be on your chosen development path and our principles: open, active, positive and safety. A number of site visits, for example to power plants and wind farms with your fellow trainees, are also part of the programme.

This will allow you to familiarise yourself with the different cultures within Vattenfall.

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