SEB is a leading Nordic financial services group, guided by a strong belief that entrepreneurial minds and innovative companies are key in creating a better world.

Working at SEB means being part of a positive force in society. We are proud of our strong heritage of entrepreneurship and long-term customer relationships built on trust and dedication. 

As an employer we are convinced that diversity and inclusion are crucial to succeed, as long as you have the right attitude you are welcome to our team. We will always be genuinely committed to those who strive to be more, we believe strongly in you and what you can achieve. If you have the ambition, SEB will support you in growing your potential. That is what makes SEB a great place to work.

Träffa oss på Traineedagen

How does it really work when a bunch of newly graduated people with different backgrounds gather to challenge the current state or status qou and creates innovative solutions to tomorrow's problems?

Why should you, as a tech student, work at a 165-year-old bank?

Is it really true that you as a trainee get to meet managers and experts from all different areas of the bank?

If these are topics that sound interesting, you should listen in to two of SEB's former trainees when they talk about their time at SEB, their different backgrounds and the cross-collaboration  between the International Trainee Programme and the Tech Programme.


Om traineeprogrammet

SEB’s International Trainee program – A great chance to grow your potential.

Our International Trainee Programme gives you the opportunity to gain a thorough understanding of SEB and create value for our customers and business. It will prepare you for an interesting and challenging role within our organisation, and you will build an extensive network in a short time.

The programme starts in September for nine months and has approximately fifteen positions across Sweden and a few international sites. The programme is designed to give you a broad introduction to work in a large international organisation and is structured in two parts:

1. On-the-job practice:

You belong to a home team where you will get support and inspiration to grow and perform in your job assignment. Together with your manager, you will plan rotations and gigs with other units to get a broad experience. You also have the opportunity to plan for an international internship in another SEB office after graduating from the programme.

2. Training and collaboration:

You will participate in learning activities that include training in self-leadership, communication, negotiation skills and other future competences. Cross-collaboration is a key competence so you will practice a lot with both your fellow trainees and other colleagues. You will also solve real business challenges, learn and influence our ways of working, and help nurture our culture and values.

Taking responsibility and positively influencing others are important qualities for us, so you will be given the opportunity to self-drive many programme activities to customise your learning experience.

SEB’s International Trainee Programme is a great way to kickstart your career and develop into a future leader.

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